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BMORE's Lockbox Bill Demands Action Now, Not a Phase-in

Contact: Diamonté Brown at 443-422-8884

Corey Gaber at 410-458-3820


Governor Hogan Joins BMORE Caucus + Delegate Mary Washington’s Effort to Restore Trust in the Education Trust Fund

Since releasing our proposal with Delegate Mary Washington to restore trust in the Education Trust Fund, the Baltimore Movement Of Rank and file Educators have been pleased to see Democratic Leadership, and now Governor Hogan follow our effort to ensure that casino funds supplement, and not supplant state funds for education.

While the specific details of Hogan’s legislation remain to be seen, HB557, a bill co-written by Mary Washington and BMORE remains the only solution presented that calls for an immediate fix to the problem. Like the Governor’s statute, Maggie McIntosh’s constitutional amendment asks for a 4 year phase-in. Maryland students can’t afford to wait that long.

Currently, children in 20 of the state’s 24 counties suffer under inadequate funding according to the Department of Legislative Services 2015 study, a fact continually upheld by the courts and confirmed by multiple reports from independent consultants. Had the state’s own definition of adequate funding been followed, Baltimore City students alone would have received over 3 billion dollars more from the state over the past 20 years.

We don’t have to wait for further partisan politicking, or voters to re-approve what they already affirmed in 2007, when our bill HB557, the first and only solution on the table, delivers justice now.

Folks looking to help can use this tool to find their elected officials, what committees they're on, and how to contact them in support of HB557.

The Baltimore Movement of Rank-and-File Educators (BMORE) is a diverse group of educators committed to advancing quality public schools and the labor movement. We are a caucus of the Baltimore Teachers Union, working to transform the BTU from a service union to a social justice union.

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