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The Sun's Slanted Coverage of the Education Trust Fund Fix

On 12/5/17, Delegate Mary Washington, in collaboration with the Baltimore Movement Of Rank and file Educators (BMORE), released our proposal to restore trust in the Education Trust Fund. The Sun chose not to cover the effort.

Since then, we have been pleased to see Democratic Leadership (1/30/18), and now Governor Hogan (2/14/18) follow our lead to ensure that casino funds supplement, and not supplant state funds for education.

What has not been pleasing is The Sun’s narrow and slanted coverage of the casino money bait and switch. Michael Dresser’s article managed to focus entirely on the two bills that don’t even exist yet, while completely ignoring HB557, Delegate Mary Washington and BMORE Caucus’ bill that:

  1. Actually exists.

  2. Was announced and filed first.

  3. Doesn’t require a 4-year phase-in or another vote in November.

  4. Governor Hogan largely copied.

Isn’t the point of journalism to investigate all angles of an issue before writing, not just act as stenographers for the powerful politicians they have access to? Hopefully The Sun will course correct so the public knows about the real leaders fighting to get Maryland students the resources they need, and the legislative solution already on the table, HB557.

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