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Baltimore Teachers Union Endorses the Baltimore Black Lives Matter Week of Action!

The Executive Board of the Baltimore Teachers Union voted on January 10th to stand with students and educators in support and defense of the value of Black Lives. In doing so, they affirm the labor movement’s critical role in civil rights and they are pledging to combat the school to prison pipeline and discrimination against black teachers. “We are so excited that BTU decided to pass our resolution endorsing the Week of Action,” said BMORE founder and Black Lives Matter at School organizer Cristina Duncan Evans. “There have been so many attacks on educators that unfairly paint us as not supporting the rights and needs of black students, but we’re on the frontlines each day supporting youth, and it’s wonderful to know our union has our back when we do racial justice work.” The Baltimore Black Lives Matter At School Week of Action kicks off February 4th. You can learn more about how to participate by visiting and see local information here on the BMORE website.

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