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  • What is your relationship to the Baltimore Teachers Union (BTU)?
    We are a caucus of the Baltimore Teachers Union. A caucus is a group of like-minded members of a union who wish to pursue some common goals, such as social justice.
  • Isn’t there another caucus, CEDE? What’s your relationship with them?"
    CEDE (Caucus of Educators for Democracy and Equity) is a separate caucus of the BTU. BMORE has many overlapping values with CEDE and we partner on a variety of campaigns and projects.
  • Do you have to be a building rep to join?
    No, any educator in Baltimore City Public Schools is welcome to join!
  • What does Rank-and-File mean?
    Rank-and-File is a labor term that refers to the front line workers doing the bulk of the work. We put this term in our title because we believe that this is where the power in our union should lie.
  • Who’s in charge of BMORE?
    BMORE has a 7 member steering committee, which is nominated and voted on by the general membership every two years. Steering Committee bios can be found on our website.
  • Are you part of a national network?
    Yes. We are a member of UCORE (United Caucus Of Rank-and-File Educators). You can learn more about UCORE on our Community Partnerships page on our website.
  • How are you growing?
    We believe in growing through one-on-one conversations that build strong relationships. We also have monthly meetings that are open to any Baltimore educator.
  • What are dues for?
    Our organizing is about creating spaces where people can grow, plan, and take action. We spend money on physical spaces, people, and items that develop these opportunities. Additionally, the actions that result from our organizing often have material costs.
  • How did BMORE form?
    BMORE formed when 3 building reps decided to form a book club to support our work in our schools. As we learned from other successful teacher union activists in other cities we began to see a radically different vision for teachers in Baltimore. We grew into a steering committee that developed principles, a mission, and an organizing strategy.
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