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Settling the State's Historical Debt to Baltimore City Students
  • Our children deserve an excellent and equitable education. The state has not met its constitutional obligation to provide the resources necessary for this over the past 20 years.

  • By the state’s own definition of adequacy, Baltimore City’s schools are owed a historical debt of approximately 3.4 billion dollars


  • The historical debt has also led to a 3 billion dollar maintenance backlog, resulting in unsafe and inhumane learning conditions

  • Every year delayed is a year of underfunded education that a child can never get back.

  • Under the current intended schedule of another year delay and then a 10 year phase in, 1st graders in MD public schools will graduate without having a SINGLE YEAR of fully funded education

  • We already know the general price tag of the Kirwan Commission's recommendations and our children don't have time to wait. WE NEED TO PASS REVENUE BILLS THIS SESSION TO PAY DOWN THE DEBT!

Click on the top right image to download a delinquency notice to send to your elected officials and the governor.

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