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Vote on October 30th to Make Union Elections More Accessible

One of BMORE's primary principles is practicing democracy. Sadly, the current way we vote on contracts and BTU elections is undemocratic. There is only a single day to vote, which occurs on a work day, during work hours, across a limited number of sites in the city. 

So, BMORE collected over 840 petition signatures from PSRPs and Teachers to amend the BTU constitution to allow for mail in voting as well, so that EVERYONE has a chance to make their voice heard.

You can download the original petition language, as well as flyers, information, and talking points you can use as you discuss this important vote with your co-workers. In person conversations are crucial, and we'll need to have a 2/3 majority of teachers and a 2/3 majority of the PSRPs that show up to vote on October 30th at 5pm at Douglass High School. 

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